Top 3 Sandwiches on The Avenues::::

Top 3 Sandwiches on the Avenues::::


Do you eat sandwiches?  We do.  If you don’t, you should start.  If you need a good sandwich to start with, come on over to The Avenues.  With literally hundreds of sandwiches to choose from, this market survey was exhausting, incredibly filling, and delicious- but we narrowed the field down to our top three favorites.  We wouldn’t advise you to try all of these in one sitting, but we do recommend that you don’t wait too long to check them out- you’ll only be upset with yourself.


old school italian italian beef sandwich


Old School Italian Sandwich Shop: Hot Italian Beef. If you’ve never had an Italian grandmother, you probably haven’t had access to hot italian beef that changes how you think about beef, sandwiches, and Italians. Old School Italian provides that Italian grandmother’s touch to a sandwich that you didn’t know you were missing. After you try the beef, you’ll be smartly returning for the meatball, baked ham, and if hot sausage is on special- get there early, they go quickly.


dukes pinkerton sandwich

Duke’s Upper Deck Cafe: The Pinkerton. A real Homestead original, the Pinkerton has been proudly served on the Avenues since 1988. The Pinkerton is a steak and cheese delight on a sourdough bun, named for the detective agency hired by Andrew Carnegie to break up the Homestead Steel Strike of 1892. Unlike the original Pinkerton Agents, the sandwich is a uniter and peace maker- as even people with strikingly different viewpoints can agree this sandwich is enormous and delicious.


dorothy6 meatball sandwich

Dorothy 6 Blast Furnace Cafe: Stuffed Meatball Sandwich. For those of you who like meatballs, sandwiches, or eating- this sandwich is a must. The meatballs are a blend of of veal, pork and beef meatballs stuffed with house-smoked mozzarella, covered with more mozzarella and a zesty marinara sauce that will blow you away. If you think you can handle a real flavor explosion, get the jalapeno pierogies on the side- coupled with the stuffed meatball sandwich may not only be the best comfort food combination on the Avenues but in the Pittsburgh area in general.

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